A Large Cor-Ten Steel House Sign For a Client in North Wales

A Large Cor-Ten Steel House Sign For a Client in North Wales

Another large rustic Cor-Ten steel house sign that we made recently. The client contacted us, asking for help in designing and making a house sign for there new home. Deliveries were not making it to there home in rural North Wales, due to delivery drivers not being able to locate their address. Following several emails and phones calls the client decided that they wanted a Corten house sign rather that a powder coated house sign. We have many different fonts that are suitable for CNC laser cutting, so we sent drafts of different fonts so the client could choose what they liked and what style suited their home. We work with our clients all the way through the design process either with a very vague idea of what they would like or with someone who gas a very detailed plan. We are always at the end of the phone or an email away. 

Corten Steel house plaque

At first, the steel begins to rust in the same fashion as any other carbon steel, when exposed to wet and dry weather conditions. However, as time passes, the rust layer transforms into a dense patina layer, sealing-off the steel surface, resisting further corrosion. The colour changes from fresh, newly developed orange-brown, to light and eventually dark brown.

The speed of change and the final colour of the steel depends on the atmospheric conditions of a site and the surrounding air quality. Sulfur dense atmospheres will speed up the oxidation process and result in a darker patina. Frequent cycles of wet and dry weather conditions will also speed up oxidation.

A Cor-Ten Steel house sign will last for many years to come! This is because it corrodes at 0.01mm per year for the first 10 years and 0.005mm each subsequent year after, depending on sulphur content in the air. 

Corten Steel house signs

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