How to Install a Sign with Invisible Standoff Fixings

Our house number signs feature invisible standoff fixings that enhance their sleek appearance. These fixings are stud welded discreetly to the back of the sign, with plastic spacers inserted to create a floating effect. Importantly, no fixings are visible from the front of the sign, preserving its clean and modern look.

Installing these invisible standoff wall fixings is straightforward. Simply follow these steps:

1. Positioning the Sign: Hold your house number plaque against the wall or house façade in the desired location.

2.  Marking and Drilling: Mark the positions below each stud. Use an  4 or 8 mm drill bit depending on studs size, then drill holes approximately 40 mm deep into the wall.  

(4mm Stud = 6mm Drill Bit    6mm Stud = 8mm Drill Bit)

3:  Blow debris from the hole

4.  Applying CT1 Sealant / Adhesive: Apply CT1 Sealant / Adhesive into each drilled hole.

5.  Inserting the Sign: Insert your house number sign with plastic standoff spacers fitted to stud firmly into the holes, ensuring a secure fit.

CT1 Sealant / Adhesive is readily available at hardware stores such as Screwfix, Tool Station, and Amazon, making the installation process convenient and effective.

These invisible standoff fixings not only provide a secure mount but also maintain the elegant appearance of your house number sign without visible screws or fastenings. Get in touch if you need more help