Font Choice for CNC Laser Cutting

Laser Cut Font Selection Guide

When it comes to creating custom signs using laser cutting, choosing the right font is essential to ensure both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Certain letters, such as "a," "e," and "o," need special attention to prevent them from falling apart during the cutting process. To address this, we use tabbed fonts, where small connectors are added to keep the inner parts of these letters intact.

Below is a selection of fonts that we have specifically chosen for their suitability in laser cutting. Each font includes small tabs for stability while maintaining a clean and professional look.

Custom Font Requests

If you have a specific font in mind that is not listed above, please let us know. We can assess its suitability for laser cutting and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the integrity of the letters.

Mockup and Approval Process

To ensure complete satisfaction with your custom sign, we provide a detailed mockup before cutting. Here’s how the process works:

1. Font Selection: Choose a font from our list or request a custom font.

2. Design Creation: We create a mockup of your sign, incorporating the chosen font and any design elements.

3. Approval: You will receive the mockup for review and approval. Any changes can be made at this stage.

4. Final Cutting: Once approved, we proceed with the laser cutting of your sign.

This meticulous process guarantees that your sign meets all your expectations before the final cut.

Place Your Order

Ready to get started? Select your preferred font from the list below or contact us with your custom font request. We look forward to bringing your vision to life with precision and craftsmanship.

For any questions or to discuss your project further, please contact our team. We're here to help you create a stunning and durable custom sign.

By selecting the right font and approving a detailed mockup, you can be confident that your laser cut sign will be both beautiful and structurally sound.

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