Rusty Metal COR-TEN® Signage

Rusty Metal COR-TEN® Signage

Cnc Plasma cut  Cor-Ten steel sign

Another beautiful rusty metal sign designed and cut this week made from COR-TEN® Steel.

We apply Corten plus a non acid based solution to the steel to accelerate the rusting process rather than waiting 18 months for a patina to develop. (See image 2 and 3)

What is COR-TEN® Steel

COR-TEN®  steel is a type of weathering steel often used in outdoor applications. While Corten and weathering steels are often interchangeable, COR-TEN® is a branded, trademarked, proprietary steel. COR reflects corrosion resistance and TEN reflects tensile strength. Due to it's name recognition, weathering steels are often called Corten steel. 

Where does that orange colour finish come from in COR-TEN®

The orange-brown finished colour in COR-TEN® comes mainly from the copper content. with 5 % copper in the alloy mix, the copper immediately comes to to the top as the patina process begins, Additionally, the copper along with the magnesium, silicon and nickel content in COR-TEN® creates that protective layer as the material  continues to patina. Standard carbon steel will rust but it will not have the beautiful colours that come from COR-TEN®

What is the patina formation process ?

At first, the steel begins to rust in the same fashion as any other carbon steel, when exposed to wet and dry weather conditions. However, as time passes, the rust layer transforms into a dense patina layer, sealing-off the steel surface, resisting further corrosion. The colour changes from fresh, newly developed orange-brown, to light and eventually dark brown.

The speed of change and the final colour of the steel depend on the atmospheric conditions of a site and the surrounding air quality. Sulfur dense atmospheres will speed up the oxidation process and result in a darker patina. Frequent cycles of wet and dry weather conditions will also speed up oxidation.

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Applying Cor-Ten plus rust accelerator

Cor-Ten Steel Rusty sign

Rusty Metal Sign made from Corten steel

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