Our Latest Creation: A Illuminated Cor-Ten Steel Light Box for Eat Telfit’s Airstream Catering Trailer

Our Latest Creation: A Illuminated Cor-Ten Steel Light Box for Eat Telfit’s Airstream Catering Trailer

We’re thrilled to announce the completion of a spectacular new project in our workshop: a 2.8-metre illuminated Cor-Ten steel light box, custom-designed for Eat Telfit. This stunning piece of craftsmanship is set to be mounted atop an Airstream catering trailer, which will soon be gracing festivals and events across the UK.

Illuminating Eat Telfit’s Mission

The light box prominently features the logo and branding of Eat Telfit, a Yorkshire-based farm renowned for its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Specialising in delivering the finest British meat directly from their farms to your door, Eat Telfit is a name synonymous with quality, responsibility, and sustainability. 

festival trailer signage - cor-ten steel - rustic sign

Crafting with Purpose

In creating this light box, we aimed to reflect the core values of Eat Telfit. The use of Cor-Ten steel not only provides a robust and weather-resistant material ideal for the outdoor life of a festival trailer but also offers a rustic, natural aesthetic that aligns perfectly with Eat Telfit’s farm-to-table ethos. The illumination ensures that the brand stands out, even in the bustling, vibrant atmosphere of a festival, day or night.

A Beacon of Quality and Sustainability

Eat Telfit’s dedication to responsible sourcing and animal welfare is evident in every product they offer. Their focus on sustainability ensures that customers can enjoy top-quality meat while knowing they are supporting environmentally friendly practices. Our light box is designed to be a beacon for these values, drawing attention to Eat Telfit’s commitment and quality at every event.

Corten steel light box led sign

On The Road

We can't wait to see our creation mounted on the Airstream, travelling to various festivals and events throughout the UK. It's exciting to think of the thousands of people who will see and appreciate our work while learning about the exceptional products Eat Telfit has to offer. The illuminated Cor-Ten steel light box will undoubtedly draw attention and spark curiosity, enhancing the overall presence of the Airstream trailer at every event.

Discover More

Stay tuned for updates as we follow the journey of the Eat Telfit Airstream trailer. We’re confident that this illuminated light box will shine brightly, just like Eat Telfit’s commitment to sustainability and quality.

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