BBQ & Fire Pit Safety Guidelines

BBQ & Fire Pit Safety Guidelines

Rees Metal Designs BBQ & Fire Pit Safety Guidelines 

Please follow the below BBQ & fire pit safety guidance to ensure that your BBQ & fire pit evenings are as enjoyable and as safe as they possibly can be.

  • All of our BBQ / fire pits are designed for outdoor use only

  • Always place your BBQ / firepit on a flat, stable and non-flammable surface, preferably on concrete, dirt, sand, gravel, brick or stone ground

  • Avoid placing the BBQ / fire pit on or around grass or leaves. The BBQ will scorch grass

  • Always Keep flammable material away from the surrounding area of the BBQ / fire pit

  • Keep children and animals away from the fire

  • Do not stand too close to a lit BBQ / fire pit and do not attempt to remove the grill when in use

  • Only move or disassemble the BBQ / fire pit when cold

  • Please note that the rust finish which will develop over time may cause staining to surfaces only if left in the same spot for a period of time, however, we cannot be held liable for any damage caused to patios, decking or other surfaces

  • Put the fire out completely if possible by dousing it with water before leaving the BBQ / fire pit unattended

  • Do not light a fire in windy conditions as sparks can cause uncontrolled fires to start

  • Do not light your BBQ / fire pit next to a building, fence or boundary wall

Your BBQ / fire pit can be fuelled with either a little driftwood, timber or charcoal, so spark up, sit down, share stories, laugh out loud, relax and unwind for a memorable and fun experience.

Clean the steel after use and coat it with a thin layer of oil to prevent rusting. It is normal for the fire pit to become discoloured with use, this will not affect the performance.