New to the Shop - French Bull dog clocks

New to the Shop - French Bull dog clocks

Today we made time to make some new additions to our online shop. Being dog lovers ourselves and always having our 3 crazy cocker spaniels around us and along with the successful sales of the dog hooks we thought we would expand the range of dog products into clocks.

We have started with a Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog and a German Shepherd. Using the same designs we use for the dog hooks we have scaled them up and set about cutting them on the plasma table. These clocks are are all made from sheet steel locally supplied so have strength and durability, following the cutting and cleaning phase we powder coat the dog clocks with a polyester based powder coat and cure the powder for 20mins at 180 degree Celsius. The glossy black finish looks amazing! These unique clocks will look beautiful in any home either hung on the wall or resting on a shelf.    

After the dogs had cooled we measure, mark and drill the hole for the quartz movements to be fitted, after fitting the nickel clock hands to the dog clock there was only one thing to do, fit the battery, test and take some photographs ready to list on the shop.

These would make a great Christmas or birthday gift for any dog lover or owner!   Click to View

We hope you really like them. We will add the other dog clocks tomorrow. If you would like a clock making and cannot see it listed please contact us either by live chat, email or the good old telephone and we will be happy to help!

Dave, Gemma and the three cocker spaniels.    

Handcrafted in Derbyshire with love.